Why Data Science is my passion? - Journey

Learning from past experience is an in-built quality of any living being. From learning how to ride a bicycle or learning a new language, everything involves learning from our past actions. The soul of Data Science lives by the same principle as well. This inspired me to take up a career in Data Science.

My association with Data Science started at Mobius Knowledge Services. As an analyst, my main responsibilities included crawling of data from web, data cleaning and mining insights from them. Once, we were trying to solve a problem, if a given webpage has an address or not. This question introduced me to the machine learning world. And inspired me to earn my Masters degree in Data Science. I still remember the times were I used to fantacize, "Really! can machines make predictions?", "Can I write Python code to predict future?"

After working for a year, I started to pursue my Masters at Indiana University-Bloomington (Aug 2015 - May 2017). This degree helped me to elevate my analytical, and soft skills. I did learn how to make predictions with my Python code through machine learning, data mining, and learned other data skills such as visualization, and more.

During this course, I had an opportunity to work as a Data Science intern in the marketing department at Lands'End. I was given a lot of freedom to produce deeper insights for their business. This taught me how my data science skills can solve real world business problems, and served as a great learning curve in my career.

Then, I successfully graduated from Indiana University. I felt my Data Science career has just started, considering the fact, how competitive the domain is, and how businesses are trying to leverage using their data potential. I started my employment with Footlocker in Florida as a Data Scientist. And this was really a great experience which complemented my Masters degree. I had the opportunity to work with millions of records, which I never had access before, and making impact on the business as a Data Scientist was a cool thing! Working at the Silicon Valley, California as always been a dream for me, and it has happened. Currently, I am working as a Data Scientist with eBay.

My coworkers have remarked that I am curious, genuine, and hardworking, and that I always play as a team member.

Apart from this, I have a great desire for photography, learning Vedic literature, biking, and spilling my thoughts through my blog.