Why Data Science is my passion?

Learning from past experience is an in-built quality of any living being. Right from learning how to ride a bicycle or learning a new language, everything involves learning from our past actions. The soul of Data Science lives by the same principle as well. This inspired me to take a career in Data Science.

My association with Data Science started at Mobius Knowledge Services as an Analyst . In this role, my main responsibilities included crawling of data from web, data cleaning and mining insights from them. Within an year, I had the opportunity to lead the Python programming team and train employees in Python as we were in a transition from Perl to Python.

After working for an year, I started to pursue to my Masters in Data Science at Indiana University, Bloomington (Aug 2015 - May 2017). This degree helped me to levitate my analytic skills and my soft skills. I learned how to handle huge amount of data, machine learning and data mining algorithms, visualization techniques and more.

During this course, I had an opportunity to work as a Data Science Intern in the marketing department at Lands'End. I was given much freedom to work on their data and produce deeper insights for their business. My job included developing a customer segmentation model, product recommendation system, understanding customers for better marketing. I am still associated with Lands'End appointed to work on further developing the recommendation system and work on more analytics to drive their business.

I am been recognized as curious, genuine and hardworking by my coworkers and have always played as a team member.

Apart from this, I have a perennial love for photography, learning Vedic literature, biking and spilling my thoughts through my blog.

Currently, I am looking for full time job opportunities as a Data Scientist in USA. Feel free to contact me if there are any opportunities in (y)our organization.